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Project Zephyranthes

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Here we go. The controversial 1/60 scale Perfect Grade GP01/Fb. I'm still not sure why Gunpla modelers HATE this kit. Man, they hate this sucker!! Is it the proportions? The proportions? Or, perhaps....the proportions! Bandai of Japan did not follow Katoki styling on this which forced a lot of folks to sleep on this kit. Even with its Kawamori/Anime style proportions, I think the kit is fine in my own twisted opinion. I have hot begun the construction on the actual mech, but I've read the manual from front to back and the engineering seems to be of top notch calibre. I just hope I can paint it right and get a good diorama going! EDIT: I always thought Okawara did the designs for this mech. Sheesh, what a weirdo!!

So, here's the setting on this dio. Gundam GP01/Fb is docked in a Multi-purpose hangar in an undisclosed level of Anaheim Electronics located on Von Braun. That's it.  I'm sure as Gundam fans we can use our imaginations for the rest. LOL!
Below are some concept pictures for the Hangar and prog pix of the floor of the deck inside the hangar. Some ideas from the images will be used, others will not. I will be adding some duct work and some 1/60 scale maintentence crew from the GPO1 kit and the PG RX-178 for some added flair. I still need to find some loading equipment in that scale.
The Hanger itself is about 99.0% complete. Most of the weapons are complete as well. Next I think I will start construction on the corefighters, the sheild, beam sabers and the mech. Enjoy the current photos.



Concept picture of the beam rifle trailer from my sketch book. Completely scratch-built using sheet styrene materials.




This trailer is 100% scratch-built. The specs were custom fit to match the size and scale of the Beam Rifle.No prog pix were taken. Bummer.



Pic of the hangar. This sucker is kinda large. I have to keep it in my workshop in the basement. Sorry about the angle of the pic. Sort of destroys the sense of fantasy does'nt it. No fancy background yet. LOL!



Shown above are the materials used for the walls and floor. Basic matte board was used. Along with the Hangar from the GP01/Fb kit for a sense of the scale. Gee, I hope the thing holds up! LOL!


Just a "concept" I had at one time to do a shield gatling. This project may not see the light of day. :-(


What the heck am I doing here? Making a calender?? Nope. The above pic is an attempt to catalogue all the pieces after they are cut and plastered so that I can position them later on. ( I should really get out of the house more)


OMG! Wha... you....Man, that really sucks. WHat the hell are you doing, dude!? This is my attempt to construct the tarmac style sections. They were made using Dap Concrete Patcher and Resurfacer. It came in powder form and gave me the closest resemblence to paved tarmac concrete. Well , considering I don't work in construction, and I don't have an engereering degree, I can live with the mediocre results. Obviously the tiles are not necessarily even. They are not even paved very smooth. That's ok by me. They are still functional in my undisclosed hangar location. I sort of like the gritty look of the tiles. Perhaps this is an old section at A.E. that has now been reinstated for clandestine use. Maybe there was some kind of accident that shook up the infrastructure causing the deck to crack and cave in places. Anything is possible. Now alls left is to add the ground markings.


Behold! Yet, there is more work!


This is another concept sketch from my book. What would a futuristic Gundam hangar be without some cool floor markings for those giant mecha? For references I used airfields and parking lots, tarmacs and the like. I also used a lot of Gundam references. Katoki's Gundam FIX Book was a huge inspiration for me to even attempt the diorama.






Here's a pic of the finished deck with all the markings and the weathering. I had to actually take a belt sander to the entire surface as the tiles were just too uneven and not entirely uniform. Once the surface was smoothed out, I could then mask of the areas for the markings and begin painting.  As for  the weathering, I made a mixture of different colours including browns and blacks and greens until I could get a nice dirty, sludgy looking color to give the deck the look of use and wear. I used a post-shading technique with my airbrush to apply it to the deck. After that, I added some drops of basic blacks and dark browns to simulate oil spills. Not too much though.  I think I'm happy with the results thus far. I should thank a bunch of people like Nao from Rainbow Ten and Michael "Fichtenfoo" Fichtenmayer  from the CoM boards both of whom I've bugged constantly about how to make cracks in the pavement and such. But its STILL NOT DONE! I've still got quite a ways to go on this dio, including building the actual Gundam . I have a bunch of accessories and vehicals and figures on the way. I still have to finish the walls sometime soon also. Anyways, this should give folks an idea of where the dio is headed.